Wednesday, August 17, 2011

#623 - 1975 Rookie Infielders

Card fact: I'm trying to determine whether Phil Garner is airbrushed into an A's cap and uniform. Something doesn't look quite right, but Garner came up with Oakland. Perhaps he is actually wearing a minor league uniform. He played in Tucson most of the 1974 season.

What I thought about this card then: I didn't see it.

What I think about this card now: Keith Hernandez looks like a whole other human being. Tom Veryzer is definitely a "dude looks like a lady" candidate.

Other stuff: Each player's first Topps solo card:

Phil Garner, A's: 1976 Topps (great card)
Keith Hernandez, Cardinals: 1976 Topps
Bob Sheldon, Brewers: 1976 Topps (his only one)
Tom Veryzer, Tigers: 1976 Topps (with the rookie cup)

(EDIT: Tom Veryzer died at age 61 on July 7, 2014)

Most successful career: If you combine "Scrap Iron" Phil Garner's playing career with his managing career, he has an argument. But Keith Hernandez easily is the best of the four players.

Most awesome middle name: For the first time, we have a player without a middle name on these rookie cards. That was always awesome to me, so I'm going with Keith Hernandez.

Other blog stuff: The pink-yellow border combination has tied the orange-brown and green-purple combinations for the overall lead with 52 cards each.


Play at the Plate said...

Should I be worried that my first thought when I saw the card was the Veryzer was a "dude looks like a lady" guy? I think so.

Paul said...

There is an error on this card. It says that Keith Hernandez bats right.

night owl said...

Nice catch, Paul.

MJ said...

Dude Looks Like King Richard III. Seriously. I'm sure if you Google Richard III's image you'll see what I mean.

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No comment!

Charlie said...

Hernandez looks a bit like Jerry Seinfeld in that pic, which is funny given his guest appearances on his show.