Saturday, August 6, 2011

#616 - 1975 Rookie Outfielders

Card fact: The first pink-yellow rookie card also is one of the more coveted rookie cards in the entire 1975 set, as it's Jim Rice's rookie card.

What I thought about this card then: I vaguely recall seeing it. But not because of Jim Rice. I only recall the two guys on the top, Dave Augustine and Pepe Mangual.

What I think about this card now: This card wasn't terribly difficult to obtain. There is another rookie card coming up that was more of a chore finding.

Other stuff: Each player's first solo Topps card:

Dave Augustine, Pirates: Never had one.
Pepe Mangual, Expos: 1976 Topps
Jim Rice, Red Sox: 1976 Topps (with a rookie cup)
John Scott, Padres: 1978 Topps (his only one, as a member of the Blue Jays)

Most successful player: Rice is in the Hall of Fame.

Most awesome middle name: Jose "Pepe" Manuel Mangual seems like a mouthful. I'll go with that one.

Other blog stuff: Former Mets pitcher Victor Zambrano was born on this date in 1975. Remember him?


Play at the Plate said...

It looks like a battle of the sideburns and John Scott wins!

Charlie said...

He's no Dick Pole or Pete LaCock, but we did have some fun with Pepe ("Mangled PeePee") Mangual's name back in the day.