Sunday, August 7, 2011

#617 - 1975 Rookie Infielders

Card fact: You never knew Reggie Sanders played for the Tigers, did you? But it's not that Reggie Sanders.

What I thought about this card then: Did not see it.

What I think about this card now: Manny Trillo is not wearing a live Cubs hat. It is most likely an airbrushed A's cap.

Other stuff: Each player's first solo Topps card:

Mike Cubbage, Rangers: 1976 Topps
Doug DeCinces, Orioles: 1976 Topps
Reggie Sanders, Tigers: no solo card. His career lasted 26 games in 1974. He died in 2002.
Manny Trillo, Cubs: 1976 Topps

Most successful player: Toss-up between Doug DeCinces and Manny Trillo. DeCinces played 19 seasons in the majors and hit 237 home runs. Trillo played 17 seasons, was an All-Star for the Cubs and Phillies and had a great 1980 NLCS.

DeCinces was just in the news last week for a bit of ugliness.

Most awesome middle name: U.S.-born players are so boring. Have to go with Manuel Marcano.

Other blog stuff: On this date in 1975, actress Charlize Theron was born. The world would never be the same.


The Baseball Idiot said...

Were you aware that Sanders is one of those rare guys to homer in his ML atbat?

Play at the Plate said...

Another Ranger card I need to acquire. More importantly, a very happy belated happy birthday to Charlize. Yea, we're so close I just use her first name.