Friday, February 26, 2010

#126 - Checklist, 1-132

Card fact: The '75 checklists come in two color combos: pink-yellow and tan-light blue.

What I thought about this card then: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I can't even tell you whether I had it or not.

What I think about this card now: Thank God, a checklist. No research, no fact-checking, no memories. Yeah, it makes for a boring post, but I just spent 10 hours straight of non-stop thinking. I need the break.

Other stuff: What? You think I can expand upon a checklist card? OK, how about this: I firmly believe that a checklist needs to be a part of every set. And by that I mean, it must be a numbered card within the set that you must collect to complete the set. None of this "random checklist inserted in every third pack" that people end up using to insulate their attic. Make the checklist collectible again, damn it!

Back facts: One of the most interesting parts of the checklist to me -- and I use the word "interesting" in its very loosest definition -- is spotting the actual checklist card listed on the checklist. You can see in this case that it's down in the lower right, and that it's called a "Check List." Apparently, they couldn't decide whether it was one word or two.

Other blog stuff: Former Indians infielder Jack Brohamer (card #552) was born on this date 60 years ago.


Eggrocket said...

I agree ... checklists should be part of the set and should end up in plastic pages like the cards they list. And kids should actually use them to check off the cards they already have. And finding an "unmarked checklist" should be just a little bit of a thrill when culling through singles in a shop. And ... and ... and...

I HATED pulling checklists when I was growing up, but I've outgrown that. Now it brings me back to my childhood when I actually used them as a working document and that was about as complicated as my life got.

CaptKirk42 said...

I agree with what Eggrocket said. I too wish they would be part of all sets. When you have a checklist card it is much easier to tell what you need to complete the set than trying to search the web to see if there even is one on the internet somewhere.

Play at the Plate said...

I second the motion...or third it or whatever, but I agree about the checklists.