Friday, November 6, 2009

#22 - Dave Cash

Card fact: This is the first card of Dave Cash in an actual Phillies uniform. He is airbrushed into a Phillies cap on his 1974 card, which also features a teammate from the Pirates (Cash's old team) standing right next to him.

What I thought about this card then: Cash is one of those players that I had an inexplicable fascination with when I was a kid. He was one of my favorite players, based solely on this card.

What I think about this card now: Well, I'm trying to figure what it was about the card that made me so interested in Cash. All I can come up with is he had a stylish Afro and facial hair. I was one weird 9-year-old boy.

Other stuff: This is the first card in the set in which the player's entire body is in the photo. That won't happen again until card #58.

Back facts: Lots of stuff here:

1. This was one of my favorite cartoons in the set as a kid. I'm going to keep track of all those favorites and see if I can come up with my most favorite of the whole set.

2. Cash had a freakish number of at-bats in 1974 with 687. The following years he'd have 699, 666, 650 and 658. I thought it was so cool that he came to the plate that many times. But I'm wondering if it played a part in his career lasting only until 1980.

3. Players without middle names rocked. They still rock.

Oldie but goodie: Here is the Cash card I had in 1975. I may have traded for this card. I don't think I pulled it from a pack.

Other blog stuff: Exactly 277 cards scanned, 383 to go.

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Eggrocket said...

LOVE the beat up card. A card with a story.