Thursday, September 29, 2011

A little something extra

No, this is not a repeat of yesterday's post. It's not even the same image.

But a comment on yesterday's post guessed at what this post -- and the surprise -- would be. Sort of.

I received a thank you package in the mail from Andy of the blog. It really was the most appropriate thank you that he could have made. And I am most appreciative.

As many followers of this blog know, the wrapper featured here is the wrapper for the 1975 Topps set. But that isn't merely a scan of the wrapper. It is a scan of an unopened pack of 1975 Topps cards.

An unopened pack of 1975 Topps MINI cards.

That was my gift.

I know.

That is out of sight.

I have not opened a 1975 Topps pack since probably August 1975. So it was quite a thrill opening this pack. And I'm going to show the cards here. I also opened the pack on my other blog, and I go into a little more detail over there, if you are interested.

I had to pair up the cards that I pulled out of the pack with the regular-sized version of the card, just so you would be able to tell that it's a mini card.

OK, on the occasion of completing the "1975 Topps (it's far out, man) blog," here is the unveiling of a 1975 Topps minis card pack, 36 years later:

#491 - Doyle Alexander.

A card I never pulled in 1975.

#114 - Dick Lange

A card I traded for in that big deal for mini cards that I made in 1975.

#448 - Frank Duffy

One of the first cards -- if not the first -- that I obtained in mini and regular-sized versions during 1975.

#138 - Del Unser

I never saw this card in 1975 either.

#222 - Dan Spillner (it's not that miscut -- the scanner cut off the image).

I pulled the regular-sized version of this card when I was on vacation in July of 1975 after a walk to the drug store in the town we were visiting.

#41 - Cesar Geronimo

Possibly the best offensive player in the pack. I never pulled this card in 1975.

#438 - Don Carrithers

Another mini card I acquired in the Great Mini Trade of '75.

#92 - Cecil Upshaw

Yes, another card acquired in that mini trade.

#256 - Billy Champion (several of the minis were off-center, top-to-bottom, causing the scanner to trim the bottom part of the card).

The regular-sized version of this card was acquired through another trade, although I don't quite remember the circumstances.

#166 - Woodie Fryman

I never pulled this card in '75.

So, if you're a veteran of pack purchasing in 1975, you know that's the end of the pack, as there were 10 cards in every wax pack in '75.

Out of the 10 cards, I had four in mini form already, although all four of them are excellent upgrades.

All will go toward my leisurely pursuit of the entire 1975 Topps mini pursuit (still need Yount, Brett, Ryan and Aaron ... heh), so I thank Andy for that.

Most of all, thanks for the '70s flashback. It was terrific fun. I even waited three whole days before opening the pack.

Hope everyone enjoyed!

I'll be back tomorrow with some final words.


steelehere said...

I'm dying to know. Did you try to chew the gum?

night owl said...

Check the post on the other blog. I mention that there.

Play at the Plate said...

Amazing. That must have been quite a thrill!

EggRocket said...

Freakin' Awesome.