Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#487 - Astros/Preston Gomez

Card fact: The 1974 season was Preston Gomez's first with the Astros, although he does have a card as an Astro in the '74 Topps set.

What I thought about this card then: I had the mini card. The people were so tiny!

What I think about this card now: Look at the man standing second from the left. Is he wearing a tuxedo?

Other stuff: Gomez lasted less than two years with Houston. After finishing fourth in the National League West in 1974, the Astros plunged to last in 1975 and Gomez was replaced by Bill Virdon.

Back facts: Both Ken Boswell and Jose Cruz are listed on the Astros checklist even though neither of them played for Houston in 1974. Both are airbrushed into their Astros uniforms (wait until you see the Cruz card).

Other blog stuff: Time to see where the Astros rank in terms of how well Topps represented the '74 Astros team in the '75 set.

The Astros used 35 players in 1974. Topps provided cards of 26 of them. That includes three players who were featured with their new teams, Bob Gallagher (Mets), Ollie Brown (Phillies) and Claude Osteen (Cardinals).

Topps didn't miss anyone significant from the '74 team. Johnny Edwards wasn't featured, but he caught in 50 games for Houston in the final season of his career.

So, 26 of the 35 players were featured for 74.29 percent, which is the same percentage as the Dodgers. Here is where the Astros rank:

1. Twins 81.25% of players featured
2. Tigers 78.37%

3. Orioles 78.13%
4. Dodgers 74.29%
4. Astros 74.29%
6. Giants 71.43%
7. Indians 71.11%
8. Royals 70.59%
9. Red Sox 70.27%
10. Angels 68.89%
11. Expos 68.29%
12. Brewers 66.67%
13. Cardinals 65.12%
14. White Sox 65.0%
15. Phillies 62.5%
16. Mets 62.16%
17. Pirates 61.5%
18. Padres 55.8%


Play at the Plate said...

Not only does it look like he's wearing a tuxedo, if you look closely at his right hand...I think that's the Penguin!! Someone light the Bat Signal!!

T-_Bone said...

What do you think the guy in the tuxedo's job was? Team butler? Head waiter?