Thursday, March 10, 2011

#475 - Darrell Evans

Card fact: This is the fifth Braves card to feature the light blue-green border color. There have been only 22 cards with this color combination and five have been Braves.

What I thought about this card then: I had the mini card. I thought Darrell Evans looked like a tough guy. He reminded me of a kid I knew whose first name also started with "D." He was kind of a tough guy, too. For being 9 years old, anyway.

What I think about this card now: I know Evans is posing as if he's in mid-swing, and in mid-swing one leg is positioned in front of the other leg. But with the way this card is cropped, it looks as if the bat is pulling Evans somewhere he doesn't want to go.

Other stuff: Evans has been called one of the most underrated players in major league history. He was a powerful hitter, a good fielder, and could draw walks. His career lasted 21 years and he accumulated 414 home runs and 1,354 runs batted in. Yet, he's one of the few players with more than 400 career home runs not in the Hall of Fame.

Evans was the first player to hit 40 home runs in both leagues -- hitting 41 for the Braves in 1973 and 40 for the Tigers in 1985. He was a consistent force for three MLB teams, the Braves, Giants and Tigers. But his career batting average was just .248, which likely is the biggest reason -- valid or not -- why he isn't considered for the Hall of Fame.

I've periodically mixed up Evans with Dwight Evans. Not only do they have the same last names and same initials, but their careers spanned almost the same years and almost the same time, and their statistics are remarkably similar. Dwight didn't hit with quite as much power as Darrell (he has a lot more doubles and triples), and he got on base more than Darrell, too.

After his career, Darrell Evans managed and coached in several leagues, most recently in independent leagues in California.

Back facts: Baseball really loves its pie humor, doesn't it?

Other blog stuff: On this date in 1904, New York Giants players left Alabama while being pursued by law enforcement for their arrest after they beat an umpire unconscious during an exhibition game. The players apparently were egged on by manager John McGraw. Those Giants are just no good, I'm telling you.


Play at the Plate said...

That's one of the handful of non-Ranger '75s I own. As for the 1904 Giants, where will it end? Beating umpires, beating my Rangers in the WS...I hate them!

T-_Bone said...

I always hated this card. I'm not sure why. Funny, I can't think of which is the best Darrell Evans card. I like the 1979 for sure. There may have been a couple of decent ones from the 80's as well.

Roy said...

It is perhaps also worthy of mention that in '73, Evans was also part of the first ever trio of players (along with Hank Aaron and Dave Johnson) to hit 40 HR's in the same year for the same team... although perhaps you already mentioned that in the commentary for Hank or Johnson's card.