Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#542 - Pete Broberg

Card fact: This card marks the debut of Pete Broberg's mustache. It rises to spectacular levels on his 1976 Topps card, but is never the same after that. Some of his latter cards feature him sans mustache or with a more modest one.

What I thought about this card then: I had the mini card. Like all of the Rangers cards, I thought it was great. Rangers cards with players who had mustaches were doubly great.

What I think about this card now: Still a terrific card. The batting cage in the background adds something extra.

Other stuff: Broberg was a pitching star for Dartmouth College who went straight from college ball to the major leagues with the Washington Senators. He spent two years with Washington and Texas before he was sent down for the 1973 season.

He was back in business in the majors in 1974, although barely (with an 8.07 ERA in 12 games), but a trade to Milwaukee revived him. In his best season in 1975, he went 14-16 with a 4.13 ERA. He played another rocky season for the Brewers, then another one for the Cubs, before ending his career with a 10-12 mark with Oakland in 1978. He was signed by the Dodgers for the 1979 season but released before he got a chance to play for them.

After his career, Broberg went to law school. He's been a practicing attorney in Florida for the last 20-plus years.

Back facts: Well, there's the last minute addition of Broberg's trade to the Brewers at the end of the write-up. I never realized there were so many of those in this set until I did this blog.

Also, Sven is a tremendous middle name.

Other blog stuff: RIP, Mr. Killebrew.

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Play at the Plate said...

I guess the 'stache keeps him off the "dude looks like a lady" list. I remember being a little freaked out by the different colors of his hair. I grew up in a tiny town so we didn't see that for a long time.

I'm surprised you didn't mention the Garvey cartoon.

RIP Mr. Killebrew.