Wednesday, June 9, 2010

#224 - Ramon Hernandez

Card fact: Difficult to find a card fact here. I'll just go with a player fact and say that this is the first of two people named Ramon Hernandez to play major league baseball. The second is the former catcher for the A's, Orioles, Reds, etc.

What I thought about this card then: Never saw it.

What I think about this card now: First, I'm really hoping that is a motel in the background. Second, that is one funky "Z" at the end of Hernandez's name.

Other stuff: We've come to one of those players that I don't know very well. Fortunately, I came across this post, in which the author goes through a lot of detail on Hernandez. He was a successful reliever for the Pirates' pennant-winning teams of the early 1970s. I particularly enjoy the part that says that Don Zimmer was scared of Hernandez because he didn't smile, didn't say much and carried a gun.

Hernandez lasted with the Pirates until 1976, then finished up his career with the Cubs and Red Sox, exiting in 1978.

Back fact: You have to love those switch-hitting pitchers.

Also, there is a typo in the write-up. It should say "Signed 1st in 1959."

Other blog stuff: Dave Parker -- otherwise known as 1975 Topps card No. 29 -- is celebrating his 59th birthday today.


Chris Stufflestreet said...

Ramon has pretty cool '70s sideburns. That's something to say about the card...

Play at the Plate said...

It looks like he threw a screwball on that Z in his auto.