Friday, December 18, 2009

#61 - Dave Winfield

Card fact: Back-to-back Hall of Famers! Woo-hoo!

What I thought of this card then: I never saw a card of Winfield's until 1977.

What I think of this card now: This is just Winfield's second card and it looks it. He also looks like he knows he's going to conquer the world. Too bad 1981 came along and smacked him upside the head. ... Also, I know someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Winfield is taking his cuts in Dodger Stadium.

Other stuff: When I was trying to complete this set, I bought this card even though it was severely off-center, because I was trying to save my cash for the most expensive cards from the set that I still needed: Aaron and Yount. I've always intended to upgrade this card, but never have.

Also, Dave Winfield was the favorite player of a stuffed bear my brother had. There is actually more to the story, and it gets really complicated. But getting into details would be weird and then I'd get calls from my brothers and there'd be too much messiness. So, let's just say, we're all fully functioning grown-ups now. Sort of.

Back facts: The second player in the set with no minor league stats. David Clyde was the first. ... Also, it's funny reading that Winfield was "an excellent pinch-hitter."

Other blog stuff: I am officially calling this color combo the "My Little Pony" design. Purple and pink are a little girl's best friends.


Jim from Downingtown said...

How presumptuous of Topps to skip the minor-league stats for 2 guys (Winfield and Clyde) with only 2 years of major-league experience!

night owl said...

Jim, those two guys didn't have any minor league stats, because they went directly to the majors from college.

Play at the Plate said...

Unfortunately for the Rangers, Clyde didn't have quite the career Winfield did. And that "other blog stuff" line has to be the only mention of "My Little Pony" on any baseball card blog. Ever. At least it takes the attention off the whole teddy bear angle.