Tuesday, October 27, 2009

#12 - David Clyde

Card fact: David Clyde was 19 in 1975. But this is not his first card. He had one in the 1974 set. That's not a big deal these days, when Bowman has been featuring teenagers on cards for years. But I assure you, it was a BIG DEAL in 1975.

What I thought about this card then: My brother had an inexplicable interest in the Rangers in '75. His favorite team was the Red Sox, yet he liked collecting Rangers cards, too. So, the Rangers of the '75 set became very familiar to me, including this one.

What I think about this card now: Given Clyde's famed armed troubles, it's interesting that you can see a billboard ad for Anacin to his right.

Other stuff: Everyone knows the story of David Clyde, don't they? He was a high school pitching phenom, was drafted first overall by the Rangers, was brought up to the big club by an owner who wanted to boost attendance, was good in his first few starts, and then disaster. Arm troubles, trips to the minors, a mismanaged career cut short. Out of the majors by age 24.

Clyde was my first encounter with a young baseball phenom. Mark Fidrych and Joe Charboneau would follow. By the time I reached Dwight Gooden, I was about as cynical as you could get over hyped future stars.

Oh, and there's supposed to be a movie on the way about Clyde, with Jessica Simpson playing his girlfriend.

Back facts: Hey, the cartoon refers to a Dodger! It's very odd seeing a player with so few major league stats lacking in minor league stats, as well. Also, nice random mention of Bill Gogolewski in the write-up.

Other blog stuff: I've now scanned the first 196 cards in the set. Beaming with pride.


Brian said...

Alright, some Ranger goodnes...was supposed to be greatness! The Rangers pitching track record is long and abysmal. Thanks Owl.

HandyAndy said...

I vote we call this colour combo the Hangover Horrorshow.

MattR said...

You are a quick scanner. I scan my 1976 cards one sheet at a time when I get low on scanned cards. That reminds me -- I need to scan a couple of sheets today.

deal said...

The David Clyde story make you think of how both unlucky and lucky a guy like Kerry Wood has been. He could of been Great or He could have been Dave Clyde. Turns out he was able to find a second career as a reliever.

Andy said...

Still waiting for the shoutout to 1988 Topps Cards.

night owl said...

Andy ~ check the sidebar. That's as "shoutouty" as I'm getting until I come to a card that I can relate to the '88 Topps blog, which I'm sure I will.

Johngy said...

I did an hour interview in person witgh David Clyde about a year ago. I have some of it posted on my site (www.JohngysBeat.blogspot.com). The main point I got from Clyde was how positive the man is. I was so impressed. It really was one of my greatest pleasures to sit down with him and talk about his career.
In July, he was inducted into the National High School Hall of Fame.