Sunday, December 6, 2009

#49 - Larry Dierker

Card fact: This was the last set to feature the Astros' "shooting-star" uniforms. The following year, the Astros went to the rainbow look that we all know and love.

What I thought about this card then: Nothing. Didn't see it. I know excruciatingly little about Dierker's playing career. I know him more for being a broadcaster and manager.

What I think about this card now: Well, Dierker's card number is 49 and his uniform number was 49. Total coincidence, I'm sure.

Other stuff: Speaking of uniform numbers, whenever I think of Dierker, I think of how the Astros retired his number. The Astros have retired an awful lot of numbers for a team that's been around for 45 years. The Astros have nine retired numbers. The Dodgers, with more than 100 years of existence, have 10. That doesn't seem right.

Back facts: I enjoy seeing "Colt .45's" on the back of baseball cards ... Also, I never noticed how miscut this card is on the back.

Other blog stuff: Larry Dierker was blogging long before I was. But he isn't anymore. So, hah!


Johngy said...

I lost it for retired numbers when it became more of a marketing ploy than a deserved honor.

Jim from Downingtown said...

2 of the Astros retired numbers are for pitchers who died while on the team (Jim Umbricht, Don Wilson).

I agree with you though, it seems like a high % of retuired numbers. I

I haven't followed the Astros, but Mike Scott? Craig Biggio? Jose Cruz? These guys warrant retired numbers? It's not like they were perrenial league-leaders in any category (such as Sandy Koufax or Mike Schmidt).

Jim from Downingtown said...

And before someone points out that Biggio had over 3000 hits, let me say "HE PLAYED FOR 20 YEARS!"

1. He never had more that 26 HR
2. He never had more than 88 RBI

Oh, he's not a power hitter? Then:

3. His lifetime batting average is only .281
4. Only once did he have over 200 hits

A speedster?

5. Had 50 stolen bases once
6. Hasn't had more than 16 SB since 1999

He also was never an MVP.

IMO, his numbers are due to longevity only.

As I said, I don't follow the Astros, so maybe I'm missing something, but perhaps the retired-number distributors down in Houston should wait until people make the HOF.

Play at the Plate said...

Without this blog, I would never have known two managers were traded for each other. I'm a little surprised that never happened to Billy Martin when he was working for George Steinbrenner.

Kinky Paprika said...

Dierker was a pretty good pitcher, actually.
There's a story about him getting a weekend pass from National Guard duty in 1969; driving all night from someplace in Louisiana to Houston; pitching an 11-inning complete game in which he outdueled Steve Carlton *and* drove in the winning run; and then getting up the next morning and driving back to base.

Here's the game, minus the backstory:

LoCoDe said...

Scott, Cruz and Biggio were all important members of the team, same with Dierker.

Once you own your own team, you can decide what numbers to retire. Until then...

night owl said...

I can't retire anyone's number, but I certainly can form an opinion on numbers that are retired, which I did here in the post. In my opinion only Biggio should have his number retired.