Thursday, February 10, 2011

#448 - Frank Duffy

Card fact: This is one of the first cards that I obtained in both regular and mini version.

What I thought about this card then: My friend when I was a kid, Jennifer, never knew this, but Frank Duffy reminded me of her. But it's only because he had long brown hair and glasses just like she did. She'd probably kill me if she knew that, but I haven't seen her in over 25 years.

What I think about this card now: That is yet another poorly tended field behind Duffy.

Other stuff: Duffy's greatest success came during a four-year period as the Indians' regular shortstop. He also played for the Reds, Giants and Red Sox during a career that spanned the entire decade of the '70s. Not any earlier and not any later. He was another one of those good-field, no-hit shortstops of the '70s.

Duffy is probably most known as the player (along with Van Geishert) who enticed the Giants to trade George Foster to the Reds in 1971.

Back facts: I thought that was Duffy in the cartoon when I was a kid.

Also, I did a little calculating based on the write-up that boasts of Duffy's great finish in 1972. If Duffy went 30-for-91 to end the season, that means he was 62-for-294 the rest of the year, or a robust .211 batting average.

The '70s was bad news for the Indians.

Other blog stuff: Here is the regular-sized Duffy and mini Duffy together. The regular-sized Duffy is not the one I had in 1975, but the mini one is.

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Play at the Plate said...

Oooh, level background and tilted player. I like it. Another qualifier for the "dude looks like a lady" subset. That mini has some nice character.