Friday, October 30, 2009

#15 - Jose Cardenal

Card fact: The first card in the set with a yellow-green border.

What I thought about this card then: Even though I had the mini card of Cardenal, he was one of those players that just didn't register with me. It wasn't until he played with the Phillies late in the decade that I remember watching him play on television.

What I think about this card now: Look at what Cardenal is wearing. Isn't that the best example of little boys jammies masquerading as a major league baseball uniform? My condolences, Jose.

Other stuff: If you are lucky enough to own every 1970s card of Cardenal, place them in a row, from the 1970 card to the 1979 card, and then look at them from left to right. It's like having a Chia Pet on cardboard. Cardenal's hair grows from virtually nothing (1970 and '71 cards) to a medium Afro (1972, 73, 74), to a major Afro (1975, 76) to an industrial Afro (1977, 78). The helmet he's wearing on the '79 card kind of obscures his 'fro.

Back facts: When I was 9, I thought actors actually looked like what is portrayed in the cartoon.

Other blog stuff: For some reason, the green-purple combo (see Milt Wilcox card) makes me think of the Incredible Hulk. I'll have to do some "research" on that and see if that's a suitable title for that color combo.


Brian said...

Two things jump out at me.
1-He is a Cardenal in a Cubs uniform.
2-I love the full last name on the card. Jose Rosario Domec Cardenal Rosanna Rosanna-dana.

Doc said...

I had planned on doing something odd in some of my posts about a Fro-Ratio.

The width of the head+fro / width of the face.

Jose has a F-R of 1.91

For comparison sake, the 76 Gamble Traded has a F-R of 2.58. That will likely never be beat.

Jim said...

There can never be too many posts with regards to Jose Cardenal's afro. I imagine a day in the not too distant future when a baseball card collector will start a new blog solely to appreciate Jose's hirstuteness.

Jose Cardenal's Afro would also be a fantastic band name.

Collective Troll said...

I love comparing hair ratios! On my 76, 77, 78 and 79 binders I have a card on the outside of the binder of Oscar Gamble. It just makes me smile.