Sunday, October 25, 2009

#10 - Willie Davis

Card fact: After 14 years in the majors, this is Willie Davis' first card appearance in anything other than a Dodger uniform. (I don't count that '74 Traded thing -- he's wearing a Dodger uni, no matter what it reads on the card).

What I thought about this card then: Well, apparently this was a common theme when I was 9 years old, but I couldn't get over how OLD Willie Davis looked. If you had asked me for Davis' age, I would've said 60.

What I think about this card now: If you look at Willie's cards, he looks like a young guy until right around 1968. He then starts to take on a world-weary look. My theory is that the Dodgers started sucking right after the '66 season, so that explains it. Willie was about the only "star" of those Dodgers teams of the late '60s and early '70s, especially after Don Drysdale retired. That's a lot of responsibility for one man.

Other stuff: Davis was one of the fastest players of his time. But you'd never know it by the photos they selected for him over the years. This is a prime example. He looks like they dipped him in wax.

Back facts: Here is a reason why I like the backs of 1975 Topps: There was ALWAYS a cartoon on the player cards. With many other years that featured cartoons on the back, the cartoon was omitted if the player had a lot of stats. But '75 Topps would have none of that. They just squared off the cartoon and squeezed that baby in there!

Oldie but goody: Here is the first of the original '75 cards that I bought that spring and summer. Like all of those 34-year-old cards, the corners are completely gone. There is lots of scuffing and it looks like someone attempted to fold Willie once.

I know exactly how I obtained most of those '75 Topps cards, but there are a handful that have escaped my memory. This is one of them.

Other blog stuff: I have started a "define the design" category on the sidebar, in an effort to come up with titles for the various color combos in the '75 set. I've already added a couple titles, but those are open for debate. If anyone has any ideas for any of the combos, just let me know.

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White Sox Cards said...

It's cards like this one that make me pine for the Expos. I know they are technically in Washington now, but it's not the same.