Thursday, October 29, 2009

#14 - Milt Wilcox

Card fact: The second green-purple card so far. My early money is on this combo appearing more than any other. But purple-pink could win it. And I'm not going to cheat and count them all ahead of time.

What I thought about this card then: Can't think of a thing. I know I had this card. I had the mini. I still have the mini.

What I think about this card now: I think most people became aware of Milt Wilcox when he pitched in the postseason for the Tigers in 1984. But I remembered him from his '75 card, and I couldn't believe this mustachioed rendition was the same guy. Sixteen years in the majors. Pretty damn good.

Also, it looks like he's got a CC Sabathia thing going with his cap. (*Gasp*) Could Sabathia have been doing a tribute to Milt Wilcox?

Other stuff: I'm sure you've read this on another blog, but Wilcox now trains dock-jumping dogs. Here's his web site.

Back facts: Wilcox is one of the few major leaguers born in Honolulu, Hawaii. But he won't be the last one in this set.

Other blog stuff: This is the second straight card in which the player is pictured looking up and off into the distance. I've decided to keep track of the number of cards in this set that feature a player doing this. Just another thing to do while trying to avoid more pressing responsibilities in my life.


Dean Family said...

One of Wilcox' champion dogs is named Sparky.

CaptKirk42 said...

About the Green/Purple combo. YOu mention in the next post (maybe I should have commented in that post but the color combo is the Yellow/Grean of the A's or maybe Lucky Charms)

Yes The Incredible Hulk sounds good. During the '70s the Hulk was Green and often his torn pants were purple. I think even on the TV show sometimes his pants were purple, not sure though.